Adrenaline without health risk. Wake park in center of Riga.





Adrenaline without health risk. Wake park in center of Riga.

Adrenaline without health risk. Wake park in center of Riga.

Adrenaline without health risk. Wake park in center of Riga.

How the person can spend free time for receiving portion of adrenaline, but at the same time strongly not to risk? It seems, on this question there is no answer. In each sport there are risks, in some sports it is enormous, for example, in parachuting and ring motorcycle races on populated area, and in some - are minimized, for example, as in cable wakeboarding in Riga. We now will also talk about this sport.

Kinds of wakeboard in Riga and in Latvia. Wake park in center of Riga.

There are two types of wakeboarding, first is behind moving transport (motor boat or water bike), second - cable wakeboarding in Riga is performed due to draft of winch between columns in limited territory.

Benefits and differences:

Wakeboarding behind motor boat. Interesting, dynamic type of wakeboarding in Riga; usually already very experienced riders as driving behind motor boat on wakeboard demands professional skills. Price is 2-3 times more, than use of cable wakeboarding in Riga. Main minus is price, limited number of people for company and inefficiency of time use. Also big minus is lack of figures for tricks (springboards, etc.) and uneven water (because of waves and ripples).

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